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What’s Grief Got to Do With it? Win-win leadership development training

This is part four of our special 5-part series exploring HR challenges confronting the workplace in 2023. This week, we discuss how leaders can boost employee retention by enhancing career development opportunities with Workplace Healing’s Human Recovery Platform™.

Employees with a growth mindset are seeking organizations that foster leadership training and advancement opportunities. Grief support in the workplace invites a critical learning opportunity in communication skills and collaboration.

Mishandled or unacknowledged grief in the workplace not only negatively affects a grieving employee, it hurts employee morale, engagement and retention. When employees begin learning the empathy skills necessary to support a grieving coworker, they gain valuable leadership skills that will help them successfully navigate a variety of management issues and preserve their organization’s investment in human capital.

HR Challenge: Strategic learning development. 

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), more than 80 percent of employees express an interest in up-to-date training that’s relevant to their work and builds their soft skills in effective communication, collaboration and leadership. In fact, Pew Research cites the lack of career development and advancement as one of the primary reasons employees quit their jobs during the Great Resignation.

As HR seeks to close skills gaps, build an engaged, resilient workforce and strengthen company culture, companies are prioritizing training and development opportunities.

Human Recovery PlanThe Human Recovery Plan Solution: On-demand, personalized learning.

Grief and challenging life disruptions are inevitable in the workplace. Rooted in grief research, corporate leadership experience and personal insights, the Human Recovery Platform™ provides a 24/7 interactive training and development solution to help leaders, managers and care teams learn current best practices to support grieving employees.

Our clients also receive ongoing leadership empathy training through live and recorded sessions and are provided with an Advocate who offers personalized and additional expertise, guidance and training to leadership and care teams.

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Navigate employee life disruptions with confidence. Workplace Healing’s Human Recovery Platform™ is a flexible empathy training platform that helps human resource managers and corporate leaders address many of the challenging issues affecting leadership, corporate culture and fiscal well-being. With a balance of customizable head and heart-based strategies, Human Recovery Plan builders provide reassurance and empathy particular to each employee’s grief event. Schedule a demo to learn more.

See the Human Recovery Plan in action.

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