Our Heart Hub helps you strengthen corporate culture by providing empathetic leadership training and heart-based support solutions for grieving employees.

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Corporate employee benefit policies, or head-based tactics, are just one part of building an effective plan to support a grieving employee.

Heart-based tactics provide empathetic support that affects the emotional well-being of your employee. Enhance your awareness, acknowledge and re-engage your grieving employee with this special collection of heart-centered tips and informative resources and articles.

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"Grief is about a broken heart, not a broken brain. All efforts to heal the heart with the head fail
because the head is the wrong tool for the job. It's like trying to paint with a hammer—it only makes a mess."

flowers and cards, condolence cards, what to say, what not to say
From condolence cards to conversations, know what to say and what not to say to your grieving employee when they return to work.
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Details matter when managing a diverse workforce. Access various funeral service traditions and other pressing concerns.

Pet sitting, lawn care, household responsibilities, support, reduce stress, grieving employee

From pet sitting to lawn care, offer support with household responsibilities to help reduce a grieving employee’s stress.

self-care, physical care, grieving employee

Grief can take its toll on an employee’s immune system and physical well-being. Learn ways to encourage self-care for your employee.

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Discover thoughtful ideas you can suggest to help your employee move through the pain of grief and loss.

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Meaningful ways to help your team pay tribute to a colleague who has died or to support an employee grieving a loved one.

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Grief can be an isolating experience. Bring your team together to collaborate and circle around a grieving colleague.

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Learn thoughtful, considerate ways to support your grieving employee no matter how they process their grief.

Empathetic Leadership Training to Better Support Your Grieving Employee.

Workplace Healing’s Heart Hub includes just a sampling of heart-based initiatives we offer and works best in conjunction with the Human Recovery Platform™.

heart-based grief. grief support solutions, corporate culture, grieving employees, Heart Hub, leadership trainingLearn how the Human Recovery Platform™ trains corporate leaders to create a balanced head and heart-based grief recovery plan customized for an employee’s unique circumstances.

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