leading through grief, mishandled grief, challenging life disruptions

Challenging life disruptions cause grief.

  • Death of a loved one

  • Divorce

  • Personal injury or illness

  • Caregiving

  • Career transitions

Grief, resulting from a variety of life disruptions, is prevalent in today’s workforce. Left unacknowledged, grief siphons billions from American corporations each year in terms of lost productivity, high turnover and on-the-job errors.

In our White Paper, Leading Through Grief: Transforming how leaders support grievers in the workplace, you’ll learn:

  • How grief is currently managed in the workplace.

  • The grim consequences of unsupported personal life disruptions on business and teams.

  • How a simple, but strategic solution can help you retain valued employees and boost team morale.

Employee life disruptions are inevitable.

Learn how you can ensure a strong leadership response and a more engaged productive workforce through even the toughest life disruptions.

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