Lisa Cooper, Founder, corporate culture

Lisa Cooper, Co-Founder of Workplace Healing and the Human Recovery Platform™ 

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Lisa Cooper assists corporate leaders in recognizing how empathy can help them engage an employee experiencing a life disruption and strengthen their ability to lead a high-performing thriving team. With a blueprint for successfully striking the delicate balance of leading with thought and humanity, leaders can effectively enhance team performance, corporate culture and fiscal well-being.

As a former marketing professional, Lisa has always had a gift for communicating. She earned a reputation in the advertising industry for driving creative solutions to clients’ business problems as she led marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. She built upon her corporate success by launching a consulting practice and sharing her expertise teaching graduate-level marketing classes.

Her mother’s death sparked a life transformation that produced her most rewarding professional accomplishment. Based on her personal experiences with grief and hope, Lisa was motivated to help others ease the pain of loss and help their grieving hearts to heal. Lisa wrote about her experiences and relationship with her mother in You Are My Voice: How Love’s Voice Never Dies (2014), an inspirational memoir.

Mindy Corporon, Co-Founder

Mindy Corporon, Co-Founder of Workplace Healing and the Human Recovery Platform™

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Mindy Corporon helps innovative corporate leaders transform how they support an employee experiencing a life disruption. Guided by a revolutionary strategy that balances the head-based corporate environment with empathetic heart-based support, leaders become part of a grieving employee’s recovery strategy while also inspiring trust and long-term productivity, retention and morale.

Mindy’s vision for Workplace Healing was born from personal tragedy followed by a difficult re-entry into corporate life. She was at the pinnacle of her professional career as the CEO of a successful wealth management firm and in the middle of raising two talented boys when her father and oldest son were murdered by a white supremacist intent on killing Jews. Her life purpose changed from guiding people financially to shaping how initiatives focused on increasing confidence in leadership can positively impact culture.

An inspirational speaker and the author of Healing a Shattered Soul (2021), Mindy shares the story of her family’s struggle, the support of their faith community and her commitment to courageous kindness. Along with her family, Mindy started SevenDays® Inc., a foundation promoting kindness and understanding through education and dialogue. The Foundation engages local and regional communities, businesses, cities, and schools in SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World, offering kindness resources for K-12 educators and an experience providing opportunities for all people to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset and behaviors.


We will strengthen national and international corporate culture, restore productivity, and increase re-engagement for a grieving employee.

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We innovatively educate a collaborative and empathetic balance of head and heart in the workplace.

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Head & Heart → Recognizing Whole-selves

Opportunity → Authentic Conversations using the process "Clear is Kind"

Purpose → Valuing Purpose

Engaging → Creating and Acting on a set of Intentions for the Benefit of Another

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