Supporting a grieving employee just got easier.

Discover the revolutionary Human Recovery Plan™ Software Platform, which provides corporate leaders, managers and care teams with the empathetic muscle necessary for employees affected by life disruptions.

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Companies struggling to reintegrate grieving employees hemorrhage billions each year due to reduced productivity, on-the-job errors and turnover.

Grief Recovery Institute

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One in four employees is grieving at any given time.

Grief Recovery Institute (Pre-Covid)

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Over half of employees will consider leaving their job when their employer does not provide support after a loved one's death.

National Council for Palliative Care and Dying Matters

Without a strategy to reintegrate an employee
following a disruptive life event, managers often feel
unprepared, anxious and apprehensive.

They may wonder:

→ How do I support this employee?

→ How can I reintegrate this employee into the workplace?

→ How do I manage an employee who is physically present, but mentally disengaged?

→ How can I ensure our business continues to prosper during and after a life disruption affects a team member?

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We help you triage an employee’s life disruption and close the gap on presenteeism, boosting long-term employee engagement, morale and productivity.

Workplace Healing was born from a personal tragedy followed by a difficult re-entry to corporate life. Through personal experience and comprehensive research, we know that mishandled or unacknowledged grief not only harms individuals, it weakens a corporation's cultural and financial well-being.

Is your organization seeking to maximize their ESG contribution?




→ Social criteria examines how a company manages relationships with employees and more.

→ Workplace Healing and our Human Recovery Plan™ Software Platform positively impact corporate culture.

→ Our Human Recovery Plan provides a tactical, innovative and personal solution for leader to employee engagement.

→ Social criteria includes employee training.

→ The use of our Human Recovery Plan offers training in empathy, compassion and dialogue.

→ Workplace Healing provides live and recorded training sessions for our clients.

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The Human Recovery Plan™ Software Platform eliminates the guesswork.

Know how to respond to a grieving employee with confidence. The Human Recovery Plan™ (HRP) Software Platform is an easy-to-use, flexible and interactive solution that provides 24/7 support to your Human Resources department, managers and care teams.

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Build a customized solution according to your employee's life disruption.

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Implement a balance of head & heart-based initiatives with built-in accountability.

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Improve employee engagement & retention to enhance your business's overall cultural & fiscal well-being.

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Strengthen the
head & heart of
your business.

Successful companies are built with humans connecting, collaborating and belonging for the benefit of strengthening corporate culture.

With the Human Recovery Plan™ Software Platform, you'll:

→ Transform the interactions you have with employees experiencing challenging life disruptions.
→ Help your managers and their teams support a grieving employee with empathy, kindness and confidence.
→ Foster a thriving, vibrant team dedicated to helping your organization flourish.

Invest in your greatest asset.

You've worked hard to assemble a team that's dynamic, collaborative and innovative. Life disruptions are inevitable.

Together, let's support human recovery in the workplace.

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R. Lee Harris, Advisory Board, Workplace Healing
Lee Harris,
CEO, Cohen-Esrey

What People Are Saying ...

“Anybody who’s been in business for any length of time has undoubtedly encountered a team member’s heartache, whether it’s a death or a serious illness.

Using the tools offered by Workplace Healing, we don’t have to deal with feeling helpless or awkward and can immediately move into providing support that’s needed in the moment.”

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