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Maximize Your ESG Score with Workplace Healing’s Human Recovery Plan

Seeking to become an excellent ESG organization? Workplace Healing’s Human Recovery Platform™ should be part of your ESG strategy. The Human Recovery Plan is an easy-to-use solution that helps you maximize the “Social” criteria of the ESG score by enhancing employee well-being and positively impacting corporate culture. 

What are the “Social” criteria in ESG standards?

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. According to CFA Institute, the ESG framework is growing increasingly important to investment professionals as part of their financial analysis of companies.

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Source of Graphic: SustainFi

As the graphic illustrates, the Social criteria examine how a company manages relationships with employees, customers and the community. Grief and challenging life disruptions among employees are inevitable. An organization’s lack of resources or expertise to proactively respond and manage these situations can reveal cracks in workplace culture and lead to costly, long-term ripple effects like high turnover, low morale and reduced productivity. 

ESG, ESG strategy, empathy training“Employee retention is a huge topic these days. Through the ‘S’ in ESG you do more than talk about keeping great people, you do something about it,” says Jay Dodds, president and COO of Park Lawn Corporation (TSX: PLC), the largest publicly traded Canadian-owned funeral, cremation and cemetery provider in the industry in North America. “Growing leadership in any organization has to be seen as well as taught.”

Confident managers build stronger teams. Grief affects at least one in four employees at any given time (Grief Recovery Institute/pre-Covid), but few leaders and managers know how to acknowledge and support a grieving employee. 

They may wonder how to broach the conversation, including what to say, what not to say, and when to say it. 

They may worry about respecting an employee’s privacy. 

They may be apprehensive about how they can sensitively re-engage an employee at the right time while also meeting department and corporate goals.

But managers who have the tools, resources and training to support employees through life disruptions in pragmatic, empathetic ways will build stronger teams that are engaged, productive and healthy.  

The stakes are high: How unsupported grief impacts business.

Not knowing how to successfully reintegrate a team member who has experienced a life disruption with empathy can have striking repercussions on your workplace culture and company’s financial well-being. 

  • Companies that are unable to successfully reintegrate grieving employees risk billions each year in productivity, job errors, absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover. (Grief Recovery Institute)
  • Presenteeism, which is when an employee is physically present but not mentally engaged, can slash workplace productivity by one-third or more. (Harvard Business Review)

Learn more about presenteeism,  Got Presenteeism? The Billion Dollar Productivity Problem Many Leaders Miss.  

  • Grievers often experience brain fog and trouble concentrating, which can mean an increase in on-the-job errors, reduced productivity and turnover. (Grief Recovery Institute) 

Learn more about an employee’s brain on grief.

  • Just as grief doesn’t end when bereavement leave ends (which, on average, is between  three and seven days), grief support isn’t one and done. It requires multiple, often small but meaningful actions and conversations over time. 

A more comprehensive ESG strategy starts here.

Why should Workplace Healing’s Human Recovery Platform™ (HRP) be part of your company’s ESG strategy? 

By strengthening your corporate culture and employee well-being, you optimize your human capital in ways that reverberate inside and outside of your organization. HRP helps you meet your ESG goals by:

  • Enhancing employee engagement. A key component of the Social criteria is employee engagement. HRP provides a tactical, innovative and personal solution for leaders to engage grieving employees with empathy. HRP offers a purposeful and intentional post-bereavement care solution that builds connection within the team and demonstrates to your grieving employees that they aren’t alone. 
  • Strengthen your Social impact. HRP trains leaders, managers and care teams to offer support and resources with empathy, compassion and considerate dialogue.
  • Offer ongoing education. Helping to fulfill the employee training criteria of the Social component, Workplace Healing provides live and recorded training sessions for our clients to help them continue to build skills and strengthen their empathy muscles. 

Human Centric Intuitive Software. We designed the Human Recovery Platform™ as an on-demand, head and heart-based software that offers intuitive navigation. We also provide each client with a Client Relationship Specialist who offers additional expertise, guidance and training to leaders, managers and care teams.

Your simple solution for a higher ESG score.

Outside of HR, few managers and employees know exactly what’s inside an Employee Assistance Plan until they need to access it. And if it’s designed like the average corporate EAP, it’s only then that they realize its limited scope.

For any forward-looking company, Workplace Healing’s Human Recovery Plan is an ideal and impactful way to strengthen your organization’s employee benefits packages and EAP. The Human Recovery Plan turns a run-of-the-mill EAP into a proactive, gold-standard toolkit that your team can quickly and easily put into action whenever a personal crisis or life disruption strikes. With creative head and heart-based tactics, managers and care teams can circle around a grieving employee with empathy and provide support that makes sense. 

Check out our short video of the Human Recovery Plan in action and request a demo.

Your demonstration will include:

  • A personalized tour of how the Human Recovery Platform™ works.
  • An exploration of your organization’s specific needs.
  • A customized approach to pricing

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