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Who is Your Source?

Using accurate data has always been important. We make numerous decisions based on data (accurate and inaccurate) daily. What is the correct dosage of medication, when is it safe to make a left turn across a busy highway, and now, how close could we stand next to another human and remain safe from a virus? Do you have a reliable source?

Data is flying at us daily, in rapid-fire, from a variety of sources. We have been introduced to Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx. The Centers for Disease Control website has become my friend and I now receive daily emails from MedPage Today. In the end, we must take in the data and decide what is best for ourselves and our families.

In the same vein, as an employer – from a small business owner to a CEO of a Fortune 500 company – you must take in the data from all available channels and then make the best decisions for the employee(s) and the company.

Why then, would you ignore the channel called, the source?

Often, we are not sure what to say to an employee when the topic covers death in the family. How many of us know how to start the conversation when an employee returns to the flow of work during their cancer treatments?

As innovative professionals seeking development, we should be the first in line to seek accurate information from the source…not social media or a friend of a friend. When an employee, coworker, or friend is in need, perhaps experiencing a life disruption; a divorce, or experiencing grief, as the last child leaves the home…we should gather information needed to help them, from THEM.

Workplace Healing LLC coined the term, ABLE Conversation™ (Ask, Believe, Listen, Encourage). This useful tool provides meaningful opportunities, as in meaningful conversations from which we garner accurate data from the source, to make the best decisions for those involved. Unique, isn’t it? Gathering data from the source.

When it is time to leave your home, seek data from reliable sources on how to stay safe in our new environment. When you suspect or know an employee is in need, engage this employee in an ABLE Conversation™ (Ask, Believe, Listen, Encourage).

Workplace Healing LLC offers our H.O.P.E. Workshop virtually and in-person with special emphasis on how to hold an ABLE Conversation™. You can reach us at


Workplace Healing LLC – An innovative approach to healing in the workplace. 

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