Muslim Funeral Traditions & Etiquette

What to expect at a Muslim funeral.

Islamic funerals are an important and spiritual community event. Non-Muslims can attend an Islamic funeral. Men and women remove their shoes at the door of the mosque and sit on the floor in separate areas.

It’s traditional to attend the home of an immediate family after the funeral. This is an opportunity to show support and share your condolences. Plan to stay the whole day. A meal is usually served.

What to wear.

Dress modestly. Men should wear a plain shirt and pants. Women wear a shirt with long sleeves and a high neck; an ankle-length skirt and a veil or headscarf. Wear clean socks as you’ll be asked to remove your shoes before prayer.

Appropriate gifts.

It’s not customary to bring gifts, flowers or donations to a Muslim funeral. During the traditional 40-day mourning period after the burial, it’s appropriate to send flowers and food. Food and beverages should follow Islamic dietary restrictions. Not sure what to send? Consider ordering a Halal Gift Basket.

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