Buddhist Funeral Traditions & Etiquette

What to expect at a Buddhist funeral.

Buddhists believe in the reincarnation of the soul after death. A Buddhist funeral is generally a simple, somber ceremony. Funerals can take place in a home, a funeral home or in a Buddhist temple. Some families choose to integrate Christian beliefs into a Buddhist funeral. A monk, priest or minister may officiate, leading participants in prayer, meditation and chants.

What to wear.

Attire varies according to culture. Black is acceptable. The family might wear white. Choose clothing that isn’t too bright in color or ostentatious, keeping in mind you may be kneeling on a cushion during the funeral prayers.

Appropriate gifts.

Flowers may be sent to the family for the wake/funeral or brought to the funeral to be placed at the alter. White flowers, a symbol of mourning, are favored. Avoid sending red flowers or gifts of food. A monetary donation is common and may be offered to the family or a designated charity in the name of the deceased.



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