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Workplace Healing's revolutionary Human Recovery Platform™ transforms the way you support grieving employees, leading to a more engaged, productive and satisfied team.

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Put the power of empathy to work.

Thoughtful leadership is critical when an employee experiences a life disruption like the death of a loved one, an unsettling medical diagnosis, or a demanding caregiving situation. The downstream effects of your words and actions impact your employee's well-being, your teams morale and your company's fiscal health.

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Companies struggling to reintegrate grieving employees hemorrhage $113.27 billion each year due to reduced productivity, on-the-job errors and turnover.

Grief Recovery Institute

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1 in 4 employees is grieving at any
given time.

Grief Recovery Institute (Pre-Covid)

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56% of employees consider leaving their jobs when their employer does not provide support after a loved one's death.

National Council for Palliative Care and Dying Matters

Marilee Scheid,
Director of Learning & Development,

Immediate guidance, clear direction.

“Our organization experienced the tragic loss of one of our team members. We were in shock mode and not sure of the correct action steps to take. Worklace Healing’s Human Recovery Platform™ provided immediate guidance and clear direction for our leadership on communications and next steps. Our team members felt empathy, compassion and support during this difficult time.”

How the Human Recovery Platform™ works.

Our first-to-market human recovery solution delivers the research-backed head and heart-based resources and leadership skills you need to confidently support a grieving employee—all while building loyalty and trust, driving performance
and preserving team morale.

1. Respond.

Within minutes, easily build a customized solution according to your employee's life disruption to demonstrate connection and care.


2. Re-engage.

With its flexible, 24/7 design, choose a balance of head and heart-based tactics with built-in accountability to ensure you know exactly what to say and do to best support and re-integrate your employee.


Filling the gap for a much-needed employee benefit.

The Human Recovery Platform isn’t a replacement for your EAP, it’s much more.

Complements your EAP by enhancing company-wide awareness and boosting employee utilization.

Provides a flexible, interactive roadmap that empowers leaders to support employees internally, reducing absenteeism and presenteeism.

Eliminates awkward uncertainty and strengthens your empathy muscle to successfully navigate difficult but crucial conversations with confidence.

Build your leadership legacy on trust and respect.

Life is messy. Your leadership response can't afford to be. With the Human Recovery Platform™ as an easy-to-use guide, you'll be ready to lead your team with calm, care and confidence through life's inevitable disruptions.

Together, let's support human recovery in the workplace.

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