Our head and heart-based platform is driven by an innovative, collaborative team of industry-leading professionals dedicated to strengthening your corporate culture.

The Workplace Healing Team

Lisa Cooper, Founder, corporate culture

Lisa Cooper
Founder, Co-CEO

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Lisa Cooper, Co-Founder of Workplace Healing and the Human Recovery Platform™ assists corporate leaders in recognizing how empathy can help them engage an employee experiencing a life disruption and strengthen their ability to lead a high-performing thriving team. With a blueprint for successfully striking the delicate balance of leading with thought and humanity, leaders can effectively enhance team performance, corporate culture and fiscal well-being.

As a former marketing professional, Lisa has always had a gift for communicating. She earned a reputation in the advertising industry for driving creative solutions to clients’ business problems as she led marketing campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. She built upon her corporate success by launching a consulting practice and sharing her expertise teaching graduate-level marketing classes.

Her mother’s death sparked a life transformation that produced her most rewarding professional accomplishment. Based on her personal experiences with grief and hope, Lisa was motivated to help others ease the pain of loss and help their grieving hearts to heal. Lisa wrote about her experiences and relationship with her mother in You Are My Voice: How Love’s Voice Never Dies (2014), an inspirational memoir.

Mindy Corporon, Founder. collaborative team, head and heart-based platform

Mindy Corporon
Founder, Co-CEO

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Mindy Corporon, Co-Founder of Workplace Healing and the Human Recovery Platform™ helps innovative corporate leaders transform how they support an employee experiencing a life disruption. Guided by a revolutionary strategy that balances the head-based corporate environment with empathetic heart-based support, leaders become part of a grieving employee’s recovery strategy while also inspiring trust and long-term productivity, retention and morale.

Mindy’s vision for Workplace Healing was born from personal tragedy followed by a difficult re-entry into corporate life. She was at the pinnacle of her professional career as the CEO of a successful wealth management firm and in the middle of raising two talented boys when her father and oldest son were murdered by a white supremacist intent on killing Jews. Her life purpose changed from guiding people financially to shaping how initiatives focused on increasing confidence in leadership can positively impact culture.

An inspirational speaker and the author of Healing a Shattered Soul (2021), Mindy shares the story of her family’s struggle, the support of their faith community and her commitment to courageous kindness. Along with her family, Mindy started SevenDays® Inc., a foundation promoting kindness and understanding through education and dialogue. The Foundation engages local and regional communities, businesses, cities, and schools in SevenDays® Make a Ripple, Change the World, offering kindness resources for K-12 educators and an experience providing opportunities for all people to increase kindness through knowledge, mindset and behaviors.

Olivier D'Arceaux, Product Architect. innovative

Olivier D'Arceaux
Product Architect

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Olivier D’Arceaux is the Founder and President of Spark One Inc, a multidisciplinary firm offering full-service web and software consulting, design and development. With 25+ years of experience, Olivier has personally built and overseen the deployment of hundreds of successful web projects. With a unique set of skills that span design, new media technology and project management, he specializes in providing strategic guidance and development for B2B SaaS and consumer web platforms.

Gayle headshot (002)

Gayle Messmann
Operations Manager

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Gayle Messmann, RCAL, Operations Manager at Workplace Healing, provides essential administrative and communication support across all areas of our organization. A versatile champion of collaborative workplace culture, Gayle is skilled at supporting team members and coordinating strategic materials, projects, and events for the benefit of clients, colleagues, partners, and key stakeholders.

Thanks to her comprehensive level of experience in coaching, training, administration, and caregiving, Gayle delivers valuable insights and expertise when it comes to understanding the needs of grieving and caregiving-affected employees.

Formerly the Chief Service Officer at Cariloop, a tech-enabled caregiver support platform, Gayle created a scalable Care Coaching model growing the team of 12 coaches to 50 in 18-months while also maintaining member satisfaction scores of 94% or higher—all during the unpredictability of the Covid-19 environment. Prior to becoming a care coach, Gayle, a certified residential care assisted living (RCAL) administrator, managed an independent and assisted living retirement community in St. Louis, MO.

Tammy Carley

Tammy L. Carley
Client & Partner Success Manager

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Tammy L. Carley, Client and Partner Success Manager at Workplace Healing, works closely with our clients and partners to ensure a smooth transition to the Human Recovery Platform™ and its many features and benefits. Dedicated to helping clients at all levels of their organization derive maximum value from Workplace Healing, Tammy also monitors and identifies growth opportunities, translating them into strategies for success.

With an extensive background in client onboarding, training, account management and partner relationship management, Tammy is experienced in helping key stakeholders successfully integrate product offerings and solutions in multiple industries, including B2B SaaS. She is gifted at building trusted collaborations through meaningful client communication and support, effectively addressing each client’s individual business needs, concerns and goals.

Tammy believes that every client deserves the same platinum-level support and attention to detail no matter how big or small. Prior to joining Workplace Healing, she was a project and account manager for businesses ranging from Nike, Kellogg’s and Sprint (now T-Mobile) to prominent universities and area chambers of commerce.

Sarah Steinke, Account Executive

Sarah Steinke
Account Executive

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Sarah Steinke, Account Executive at Workplace Healing, is an energetic and instrumental member of our sales team. Passionate about helping companies transform the way they respond to life-disrupted employees, Sarah provides targeted, ongoing outreach to potential clients and introduces them to the many benefits and features of the Human Recovery Platform™. She also works closely with our client success team, ensuring clients experience a straightforward onboarding.

Sarah is a growth-oriented veteran sales professional who values building collaborative long-term client relationships. With in-depth knowledge of industry trends, she offers valuable insights for new growth and expansion opportunities.

Prior to joining Workplace Healing, Sarah was a top-performing field sales trainer and skilled executive medical sales specialist at Kaleo Pharmaceuticals in Seattle, WA. In addition to delivering exceptional leadership, customer service and industry expertise, Sarah partnered with other executive field sales trainers to execute new programs and deliver sales, marketing and compliance development. Sarah also worked closely with managers and team members providing peer mentoring and coaching.

Carrie Mayfield

Carrie Mayfield
Client Success

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Carrie Mayfield is the Founder of ScalEfficient Consulting, a firm in the Kansas City area that helps small- and medium-sized technology companies keep and grow their customer base. She has 10+ years of experience executing business operations strategy, with a focus on Revenue Operations, enablement, and Customer Success leadership. Carrie is highly regarded for her ability to optimize process, people, and technology.

Jared Steinshouer2

Jared Steinshouer

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Jared Steinshouer is the founder of Optimally Business Performance, which helps businesses perform their best and achieve their maximum potential. Jared is passionate about helping people and companies utilize data to grow their careers and companies. He built his career by creating data-driven and experiment-friendly cultures. He has seen firsthand how fearless and fast experimentation backed by data is a key differentiator for both companies looking to grow and individuals looking to scale up their careers. Steinshouer is the former CTO/COO of Veriship, a 2018 Kansas City Top 10 Business acquired by a private equity partner.

Patrick Lindmark-v1

Patrick Lindmark

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Patrick Lindmark, CFO of Optimally Business Performance, helps businesses hit their goals by transforming their financial and operational planning with an in-depth forecast and through data-driven analysis of their operations. A financial professional with expertise in data analysis and strategic planning, Patrick and Optimally believe that the route to maximizing a business’s potential is through a strategy rooted in all elements of a company’s data, from top level KPIs to the minutia of individual roles and departments. Patrick has a background in data analysis, product design, and financial management.

Christa Headshot 2022

Christa Hines
Content Writer

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Christa M. Hines is a content marketing writer and owner of The Business Storytelling Studio. An award-winning, internationally published journalist with an extensive background in marketing and media relations, Christa specializes in the health and wellness industry. Described by clients as a word whisperer, she loves to transform confusing work jumbles into clear, engaging content that connects with readers. Christa earned her M.A. in Communication from the University of Nebraska-Omaha and a B.A. in Speech Communication from Texas A&M University.

Elisa Berg

Elisa Berg
Graphic Artist

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Elisa Berg is a graphic designer and owner of Elisa Berg Design. With 30+ years of experience in the design industry, she excels at creating visual content that both inspires and informs. She loves the variety of working with different industries and enjoys the creative process that comes with each new project.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Communication from the University of Kansas.

Julie Myers

Julie Myers
Website Success

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Julie Myers, owner of JM Marketing Solutions, LLC, has over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications, including 15 years of experience in website development and administration, helping businesses build an online presence, meet compliance needs and making it simple for visitors to find what they need. She enjoys working with different industries and being a creative problem solver. She has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree with an emphasis in marketing from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and Avila College, respectively.

jenny headshot

Jenny Searles
Platform Specialist

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Communication and education are at the heart of everything Jenny Searles has done professionally for more than 30 years. With a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism, a Master’s degree in Occupational Training and Development and several other training certifications, she has the foundational skills to share and exchange ideas and information effectively.

Her experience ranges from public relations, corporate training, fitness trainer, social media manager, administrator, small business owner and now Plan Builder Training. No matter the setting, she believes in engaging, accurate and the effective exchange of information.